NextGen Automation is a LASE GMBH Certified Solution Partner for Laser Products and Software.

LASE is one of the leading companies for laser-based sensor systems in the fields of industrial applications and offer innovative and productive solutions by combining state-of-the-art laser hardware technology and sophisticated software applications. The broad product range of precise and reliable 1D, 2D and 3D laser measurement systems can be used for several measurement tasks and safety interlocks in numerous kinds of Industries. We look to develop long-term relationships with our customers to drive projects forward and help improve productivity, efficiency and safety at a huge diversity of applications worldwide through working closely with them.

Some of the applications are listed below:

  • 3-D Stockpile Profiling and Volumetric measurement system of Bulk Material Stockpile.
  • Volumetric measurement on Belt Conveyor
  • Automatic Yard Crane
  • Load Collision Prevention System
  • Container Damage Inspection Gate
  • Truck Volume Measurement System
  • Truck Positioning System
  • Truck Lifting Prevention
  • Bulk Train Loading station
  • Slab Management in Steel Plants
  • Billet Management in Steel Plants
  • Coil Positioning Wagon
  • Coil Profiling Yard
  • 3-D Freight Measurement